Ironwood Tai Chi

Class Format

Every class is a little different and will be geared towards the needs and interests of the attendees. Each class may consist of any combination of:

Single Movement Exercises
These are simple exercises that help us to practice Tai Chi and concentrate on the movement and principles of Tai Chi without being distracted by learning a long sequence of movements.

Yang Short Form
We will be learning the 37 movement short form as developed by Cheng Man Ch'ing. We will begin by learning a mini version of this form which includes the first 1/3 of the 37 movement form.

Standing Meditation (Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung)
Like the yoga asanas, standing meditation is a posture which helps quiet the mind and get us in touch with the state of our bodies. The form of the standing meditation is central to understanding the basic principles of Tai Chi and helps to bring structure, relaxation and a sense of rootedness to the movement exercises.

Depending on time and the needs of the class we will practice several exercises that help stretch and bring relaxation to the legs, back, shoulders and neck.

Class Format
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