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New England Journal of Medicine study which concluded that a Tai Chi practice has benefits for sufferers of Parkinson's disease. The benefits were better sense of balance and some improved functionality:
Tai Chi Helps Parkinson's sufferers

Associates and friends doing excellent work in the Healing and the Arts:

VitaJuwel -- A new level of beauty and function brought to our most important and healthy resource -- water. Endorsed by Dr. Emoto. Glass vials and decanters are hand-made with beauty and precision. They exhibited at the Pueblo Gem Show 2014 in Tucson, AZ. Hoping to see them again in 2015:
VitaJuwel Water

Cancer Community Connection -- a resource for patients, survivors and families with abundant information about providers and therapies available. Created by the U of A School of Nursing and a Sunstone Grant:
Cancer Community Connection

Beautiful B&W and Color photography -- portraits, landscapes, architecture:
Wendy Ploger Photography

Rated Ninth Best stickers in the world but don’t believe it. Number One if you want high quality stickers, posters, t-shirts created with loving attention. A great selection of bumper stickers to choose from:
Sunny Side Stickers

For those who love the great outdoors, Marc Shaffer’s writing and beautiful panoramic photography:

For lovers of classical music and great art -- Instrument maker Keith Hill's website with a great amount of high-quality content -- pictures, sound samples and essays:
Keith Hill Harpsichords

And a recent interview with Keith Hill about violin making and the art of acoustics:
Keith Hill interview

Advanced Tai Chi studies -- I Liq Chuan with Kelley Graham. I Liq Chuan is an art which incorporates the principles of Tai Chi and has a simplified and elegant system for developing the body and martial ability. I highly recommend Kelley's classes to those who are interested in investing extra time and effort into making serious progress in their Tai Chi or martial practice:

Taiko drumming in Tucson, whether you're interested in playing the drums or being a spectator there are many classes and events happening all of the time --
Tucson Taiko aka Odaiko Sonora

Fu Xi Wen: A new, free, and open source medicine based on Traditional Chinese medicine combined with modern discoveries in physics and anatomy --
Fu Xi Wen

Web Designer and Freelance writer Paul Smalera's website (and source of much of the HTML and PHP coding for this webpage):
Paul Smalera Freelance Writing, Web Design

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