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Private and Group Classes

Tai Chi classes are being offered primarily via Zoom at this point. Due to the start of physical distancing in 2020, instruction was moved to mostly one-to-one lessons via Zoom. I didn't expect that this would go as well as it has -- With this level of attention, I've been able to work with people individually, and have seen much greater progress than with group classes. In-person classes will become more common, but I hope that people will consider private Zoom lessons, as a way to rapidly develop their practice.

For the Tucson area, we are beginning to meet in-person again. We're meeting outdoors, practicing physical distancing, and masks are required at this time. In-person classes are by invitation only, so please contact me for more information.

There is a fundamental Tai Chi curriculum, and material that I like to cover. Generally this format will include standing meditation, single movement exercises, and the 37 movement Yang style form. However, I do not strictly follow a syllabus, but prefer to identify the "next step" for a group, and for individuals. Adjustments and ideas are offered, suited to each person. I like to keep the material light, while at the same time paying attention to the foundational principles and basics of Tai Chi. We want to develop a Tai Chi body, to instill the practice into our minds and bodies so that it can help us with strength, resilience, relaxation and calm, all of the time, not just when we practice.

Classes are for all skill levels. Beginners are welcome, and intermediate and even more advanced students find benefits from these practices.

Any questions? Feel free to text or email -- 520.461.5731, or


Seminars are available for schools, companies and organizations that are interested in hosting a class for their employees. Often I am approached by company leaders who are looking for ways to help their employees to find strategies to relax and 'de-stress.' I believe that even some of the most rudimentary Tai Chi exercises can be beneficial for relaxation (amongst other health benefits). I like to tailor each seminar to the particular wishes and needs of the group. This may involve some exercises with breathing and Qigong that are very simple and easy to follow. Below are a few of the benefits of having a seminar:

  • An opportunity to take a break and relax from the work day. All of the exercises fall under the category of "active relaxation." Which is to say that we'll be conscious and engaged but also learning to relax during the seminar and learning how to take that relaxation beyond the session.

  • Even if the concept of Tai Chi seems foreign or esoteric, I design the classes to include easy-to-learn exercises in very basic terms. We'll also be using some intention and imagination.

  • It's fun! I believe that a lot of what Tai Chi can do is help us rediscover our natural health and relaxation.

    For any inquiries please email (info below).

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    Individual Sessions:

    One of the advantages of this type of class is that I am able to work with people one-on-one to a much greater extent than in larger group classes. My objective in working with people individually is to recognize their strengths and identify any corrections or adjustments which will be of maximum benefit. I work with people of all skill levels. I enjoy introducing Tai Chi to beginners. I have also offered lessons to advanced practitioners of Tai Chi and other movement arts. The results are always tangible -- improved intention, alignment and relaxation are of great benefit to many things in our lives!

    Standard Rates for Private and Group Classes*

    Private Lesson via Teleconference: Five - 1 Hour Sessions - $200

    Private Lesson, 1 hour -- At Ironwood Studioes: $75

    Private Lesson, Home Visit: 1 hour $75 + $1/mile

    *Discounts are being offered during times of physical distancing

    Contact Information

    Phone/text -- 520.461.5731

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