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Robert's Tai Chi lessons, via Zoom, are such a gift to my husband and I during this difficult time of quarantine. We have been fortunate to take regular Zoom lessons with him once a week, and it has been a great benefit to our physical and mental health. After our practice, my mind and body feel considerably calmed and relaxed. I have studied Tai Chi a little bit previously, but with Robert's teaching, I have a whole new level of appreciation on how to practice more effectively. I have also been able to use the practice to release back pain that has plagued me for two years. Thanks to Robert, I am learning a skill that I hope to practice for the rest of my life in order to maintain good health. It is pretty amazing how effective Robert's teaching can be via an online platform like Zoom. It actually works great, and Robert gives excellent feedback and direction, even though in a different location from us. I am really pleased with how well the Tai Chi lessons work via Zoom!

-Karen B.

It is a quite a privilege to train under someone with such wonderful teaching abilities as Robert. Unlike most other Tai Chi instructions that I have taken, where the focus is on learning all of the form and getting through all of the moves, his emphasis is on the fundamentals (e.g. proper postures and individual movements), delving deeply into what makes Tai Chi truly an "internal art".

-Richard T.

Rob has taught at the Tucson JCC for 5 plus years and has single-handedly grown the class from a few interested members to a class four times its original size.

As the new Sports and Wellness Director I have made it a focus of mine to attend each of our classes. From my own participation and from the comments of the Tai Chi attendees it is clear that Rob is uniquely skilled at offering a class that is both geared towards beginners and advanced practitioners alike as well as teaching generally and on an individual basis. On the individual level he quickly identifies any physical considerations as well as skill level and then provides information or corrections suited to provide the greatest benefit. Additionally, Rob taught the class with a serious emphasis on the principles and foundation of Tai Chi but also with a lightness and sense of fun.

Rob is a professional in all senses of the word -- in his presentation, timeliness (was never late or missed a class in 5.5 years), and most importantly, his kind attention with all who came through the door. I greatly enjoyed working with Rob over this year and his presence is missed. I believe he would be a great asset to any organization or person who wants to study Tai Chi.

-Liz Lambert
Director of Sports and Fitness
Tucson Jewish Community Center

Rob has been teaching Tai Chi at the Devon Gables Rehab Center for over two years. Many of the class attendees have severe physical limitations and Rob does an excellent job at accomodating various disabilities so that all are able to get the exercise, relaxation and healing benefits of the practice. The class attendees have varying levels of ability to remember the exercises. Rob is patient with understanding this and reviewing the exercises. But, more importantly, I believe that Rob understands that Tai Chi is not about memorizing or accomplishing goals but about experiencing the class and gaining the inherent benefits from Tai Chi.

I receive many compliments from the residents as well as their family members about the enjoyment and benefit they receive from Rob's class. I am very proud to have this class as a part of my activity program for our residents.

-Radmila Janevski
Director of Social Activities
Devon Gables Rehab Center, Inc.

Your knowledge, patience and emphasis on the basics are clearly expressed and make for a positive response from the class.
I only regret not having more than one class weekly.
Thanks again for all you do,
-Jean-Louis Kashy

Rob Ploger was a positive addition to the program schedule at B'nai B'rith Covenant House. As his supervisor, I was impressed with his commitment to work diligently with the residents who attended his Tai Chi classes. His ability to adapt to each participant and their needs proved his skills in working with an older adult population. They voiced their appreciation to me for Rob's on time promptness, his consideration for each individual and his patience when dealing with participants who had challenges with appropriate focus. Rob treated each resident with equal attention. He would be an asset to any associated program.
-Gary Gholson
B'nai B'rith Covenant House
Wellness Center Director(retired)

I met Rob a little over a year ago; prior to that time, in Oct '07, a car ran over my legs as I stood inside a cleaners in Phoenix. My experience with Tai Chi on Wed afternoons has been life changing for me. When I started Tai Chi my left foot went off at an angle and I could not straighten it. In easy, gradual steps Rob and I worked on my ability to pull my feet into a parallel position. I learned to concentrate and bring my awareness to whatever place hurt the most and to accept it. Daily I walked through my anatomy and strengthened and relaxed and it worked! Eventually I learned to position my feet on the floor and lift myself from a sitting to a standing position. I am 83 years old, a survivor and grateful for these lessons.
-Phyllis Leon

I have so enjoyed being in your class. Not only was the physical exercise good for me, the meditative discipline was so helpful at a difficult time for me. I would come to class and the focus there gave my mind a wonderful place to go. thank you!

Working with Rob an absolute pleasure. He was patient, extremely knowledgeable, with a quiet sense of humor. I learned a lot, even with my physical limitations.
Our class was for older and disabled people, and Rob taught us how we could do almost all the exercises either standing, or, if necessary, seated in a chair. It was a really worthwhile experience.
-Stewart B.

I am new to learning Tai Chi and when I joined Rob's class, I was impressed with his calm, friendly and easy-going manner. He took the time to show me the basics and in each class I like that he takes time with each individual to help improve technique. He pays attention to details and in a very supportive way, he gives very clear advice about how to get the most out of Tai Chi. For me, Rob's teaching style makes the class very relaxing and very enjoyable. I always look forward to Tai Chi with Rob.
-Deborah Garcia

I have been able to participate in the Dance Aerobics class 3x/wk and swim daily. . .I would not have been able to reach this level without having come to your classes regularly. . .Thanks for your help.
-Jack P.

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